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  • Babystart FertilTime 5x Ovulation Test

FertilTime 5x Ovulation Test

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Detects increases in the LH hormone in a woman's urine which is the key to a woman's fertility

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The babystart® FertilTime™ Ovulation Test detect increases in the LH hormone in a woman's urine.This is the key to a woman's fertility, and the objective of home ovulation test products is to predict when ovulation will take place.

The test kit contains five ECOstrip™ Midstream Ovulation tests and an instruction leaflet. The midstream tests work on a urine sample and are used in the same way as our ECOPregnancy midstream tests. The test provides an accurate way of detecting the most fertile days of a woman's menstrual cycle.

These midstream ECOstrip™ tests are 99% Accurate.

The babystart® FertilTime™ Ovulation ECOstrip™ midstream test is one of the most accurate and reliable tests to indicate when the women is at her most fertile time.


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What is Ovulation ?

During each menstrual cycle a single egg will develop and mature in the ovaries. Ovulation is the time when this mature egg is released into the fallopian tube. This usually happens around 14 days after the first day of the last menstrual period and a woman is only fertile for a few days around the time of ovulation - this is why it is important to know when ovulation occurs!

Why is Ovulation relevant ?

For women who really want to become pregnant the best time to have intercourse is 1-2 days before ovulation, or on the day ovulation occurs. In this way, sperm will be released into the vagina and travel towards the egg at just the right time - this period gives the best chances of fertilisation and therefore pregnancy. The process of ovulation is triggered by the release of a hormone from the brain called Luteinising Hormone (LH) and the levels of the hormone increase significantly in blood and urine about 1-2 days before ovulation. This is why the most reliable and accurate home test of ovulation is the one that measures this increase in LH - and by doing this it can tell a women when she is going to ovulate!

The hormone, LH, causes the egg to be released into the fallopian tube in readiness for fertilisation. During the few days after ovulation the egg will travel down the fallopian tube to the womb. It stays there for two or three days and if it is has not fertilised it dies and is expelled with the womb lining at the start of menstruation, usually 12-16 days later.

How can you test for Ovulation?

You can test urine for the presence of LH by using one of our babystart® FertilTime™ Ovulation Tests, which are simple to use and easy to purchase on-line. Our home ovulation tests are designed to give an advanced warning of when a women ovulates and therefore can identify when there is the best chance of conception." Generally speaking you can say that if a woman ovulates then she is likely to be fertile - hence why ovulation is considered the key to fertility.

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Brand Babystart
Product Code 18568
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