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  • Biostick Cold Sore Treatment

Biostick Cold Sore Treatment

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Product Code: 2115

Quick Overview

A medical device for the immediate treatment of Cold Sores, Mouth Ulcers, Gum Ulcers and Gingivitis. It has no side effects and does not require a prescription.

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A personal device for the immediate treatment of cold sores and mouth and gum ulcers.

The normal life of a cold sore is 10-15 days. The Biostick uses a 630 nm normal red light and clinical trials conducted on phototherapy showed that over 80% of patients were completely recovered within 5 days, with vast improvements in only 24 hours. Using Bio-Stick has also shown to significantly reduce the reoccurrence of cold sores.

The BioStick is clinically proven and has been awarded the CE mark for the treatment of Cold Sores. The CE mark ensures a product meets all the essential requirements of European health, safety and environmental legislation.

BioStick is based on the phototherapy principle of treatment using light. It emits a low power red light, which does not emit heat and does not hurt or burn the skin. Bio-Stick uses a low frequency light which treats the affected area, unlike sunlight which can often trigger cold sores. The light waves increase the flow of blood to the affected area and stimulate the immune cells, thus rapidly increasing the healing time of the sore. BioStick can be used safely alongside other topical and oral cold sore medications.

Cold sores are caused by a virus; however often only occur when they are triggered. These triggers include cold weather, sunlight, stress and fatigue.

BioStick is about the size of a large pen and is powered by two AA batteries. To use it you simply place it against the skin with the sore in the centre of the light. To treat a cold sore, use Bio-Stick for 2 minutes, 2-3 times a day. You cannot feel Bio-Stick during use.

BioStick has also proven effective in the treatment of mouth ulcers and gingival inflammation. It comes with a full, 30 day money back guarantee – we will refund the cost of the device in full, however we do not refund the postage.


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Maggie Smith has suffered with cold sores all her life.

I have suffered with severe cold sores for years and have tried pretty much every lotion and potion you can imagine. My GP also prescribed me medication which only had a limited effect. I almost permanently had cold sores on my face. A friend of mine from overseas recommended Bio-Stick so I decided to give it a try.

The results have been astounding. Just a 2 minute treatment, 3 times a day and my cold sores completely recovered within five days. Initially they would comeback as before, but I found that after I had treated them 3-4 times with Bio-Stick the reoccurrence was less and less. 12 months on and I have only had one small sore in the last 9 months. Thank you so much.

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