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  • Dr Bee Electronic Baby Nasal Aspirator

Electronic Baby Nasal Aspirator

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Product Code: 2987

Quick Overview

An electronic aspirator for your baby. The Dr Bee Electronic Nasal Aspirator helps a blocked nose from birth, delivering immediate relief for baby colds.

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Dr Bee Nasal Aspirator for Babies

The Dr Bee Electronic Nasal Aspirator helps clear a baby's blocked or runny nose.  The Dr Bee nasal aspirator has been specially developed for the removal of excess nasal secretions in small children. The Baby Nasal Aspirator creates a vacuum which allows the nose to be cleaned smoothly and without hassle.

Dr Bee Electronic Nasal Aspirator Benefits

The importance of having an effective means of clearing a babies runny nose can not be overstated. In the first few months of a babies life they can only breath through their nose. If the nose is blocked with excess nasal mucus (snot) the baby will have trouble breathing correctly and they will not be comfortable. This causes your baby to become irritable meaning more restless nights for both you and your little one.

Many of our customers wait until the baby gets the cold before purchasing, our advise is for parents to not wait for their baby to get a cold. The Nasal Aspirator can get to work on removing the discharge instantly making the baby comfortable and stopping the chance of the germs spreading.

The Dr Bee Nasal Aspirator is battery powered which makes it very user friendly and easy for suction to be created. It is not as fiddly as other cheaper aspirators available on the market.


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Product Details

Features of the Dr Bee Electronic Nasal Aspirator:

  • The action is gentle so the Dr Bee Nasal Aspirator safely removes excess snot or mucus from your baby's nose
  • Design is compatible for a baby's nose and it makes it easy for the parent to administer the gentle suction
  • Battery operated so can be used just as easily away from home
  • Compact and Lightweight so it can be kept in a Mothers handbag
  • Easily washable to reduce chances of bacteria growth and spread

How to Easily Use the Dr Bee Nasal Aspirator

  • Prior to use please check that unit is hygienic and clean.
  • Beware: small parts could be swallowed.
  • Ensure silicon nozzle is firmly attached.
  • In order to switch on the unit press the upper part of the blue switch marked “I”.
  • To turn off please press the lower part marked “O”.
  • Place silicon nozzle gentle at the opening of the nostrils. Never force nozzle into nostril (risk of injury).
  • Apply silicon nozzle to each nostril up to a maximum of 5 seconds
  • It is sufficient for the nozzle to merely touch the nostril. In order to achieve maximum efficiency please gently squeeze other nostril closed. This procedure can be repeated after only a short time until mucus has been removed completely.
  • Clean unit straight after use.

Precautions using the Baby Nasal Aspirator:

  • Do not use in case of nasal wounds or inflammation. Not suitable if there is a tendency to nose bleeds. 
  • Should complications arise during use please seek medical help.
  • In order to avoid spreading infections please use a separate silicon nozzle for each user. Please sterilise nozzles before and after use.
  • Screws and washers must not be removed as the unit will cease to be waterproof and the guarantee will be invalidated.
  • Do not clean with benzine or any other chemical solvents. Not dishwasher proof.
  • Not suitable for medical purposes. The baby nasal aspirator is to be used by adults only and exclusively for the removal of excess nasal mucus.

Specifications of the Dr Bee Nasal Aspirator:

  • Power: 2 alkaline AA batteries (supplied)
  • Suction: max. 50kPA
  • Size: Length 17cm x width 4.2cm x height 4.7cm
  • Weight: 145g without batteries

The Dr Bee Electronic Nasal Aspirator also known as Olaf - The Elephantastic Nasal Aspirator in Europe.

For hygiene reasons, we are unable to accept returns of this product if it has been used.

Additional Information

Brand Dr Bee
Product Code 2987
Barcode 5060206360006
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