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HF-280 Air Purifier

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Product Code: 4517

Quick Overview

6 Stage Air Purification with Carbon, Hepa filters and a UV Lamp. Energises the air with health beneficial negative ions. Innovative device for a healthy life.

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The stylish, extremely effective HF 280 is equipped with 6 leading technologies to remove virtually every pollutant.

Multiple technologies to remove nearly all types of pollutants, yet very low replacement costs. Ionizer (with relatively no ozone), HEPA filter, Activated carbon filter, Germicidal UV lamp, Dust collection grid and Washable pre-filter.With an ultra-quiet fan the purifier covers 400 ft² (38 m2).

Effectively Removes: dust, allergens, mold, micro-organisms, cigarette smoke, odors, chemicals, bacteria and much more, thanks to the combination of several air-cleaning technologies.


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Product Details

Six Proven Air-Cleaning Technologies:

  • True HEPA Filter for the most effective protection against dust & allergens. Recommended by Department of Homeland Security and U.K. Centers of Disease Control.
  • Germicidal UV Lamp to destroy micro-organisms such as germs, viruses, bacteria and fungi (such as mold toxins). Recommended by U.K. Centers of Disease Control.
  • Activated Carbon Filter for chemicals, gases odors and cigarette smoke. The most absorbent filter material known to man.
  • Ionizer which disperses negative ions to seek out and remove particles & bacteria from the air.
  • Proven by government studies to be effective, and to enhance performance of filters.
  • Electrostatically-charged Plasma Dust Collector effectively traps charged particles & pollutants like a magnet. Simply wipe clean when dirty.
  • Washable Pre-Filter for larger particles, lengthening the life of the other filters.

Pollutants Removed By the NaturoPure HF 280 Air Purifier

Just a partial list of the many types of pollutants removed:

  • Dust/Dust Mites. The Hepa air filter in the NaturoPure HF 280 is highly effective at capturing solid particles such as dust and dust mites. According to the Journal of Hygiene, ionizers help to increase the efficiency of filters, by causing airborne particles to conglomerate, making them easier to capture. Plus, negative ions also cause airborne particles to precipitate out of the air you breathe, and have been found to be extremely effective at controlling dust by U.K. Dept. of Agriculture studies. UV light can be deadly for dust mites.
  • Bacteria. Many bacteria are effectively captured by the Hepa air filter, as well as the anti-bacterial pre-filter (which also disinfects bacteria). The germicidal UV lamp serves to disinfect the bacteria trapped by the Hepa filter. Plus, according to studies by the U.K. Dept. of Agriculture, ionizers/negative ions are extremely effective at reducing airborne bacteria. The NaturoPure HF 280 also includes a plasma collection grid, which has proven to be effective at neutralizing bacteria.
  • Pollen and Other Allergens. Hepa air filters are commonly recommended filter for allergens, and are generally considered the most effective filter for allergens. Ionizers/negative ions increase the efficiency of filters by causing airborne particles to conglomerate, making them easier to capture. Plus, negative ions also cause airborne particles to precipitate out of the air you breathe.
  • Mold/Fungi. Mold spores are effectively captured by Hepa air filters, especially with the help of ionizers/negative ions. UV light is deadly against the microbiological toxins associated with mold. The activated carbon filtration and plasma cell technologies used by the NaturoPure HF 280 are effective against mildew smells.
  • Cigarette Smoke. The carbon air filter in the NaturoPure HF 280 absorbs smoke particles and the toxic chemicals associated with cigarette smoke. With the help of the plasma collection cell, it also helps to reduce or eliminate odors from cigarette smoke. The ionizer/negative ions also remove smoke particles from air.
  • Chemicals and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). The carbon air filter is very effective at absorbing chemicals and gases. Also, plasma collection cell can be effective at neutralizing chemical compounds. Furthermore, the ionizer also helps to neutralize chemical fumes.
  • Germs/Viruses. The UV light is deadly against micro-organisms such as germs/viruses, and highly effective at destroying them as they pass by the UV lamp. Negative ions have also been known to help to neutralize viruses.
  • Odours. The activated carbon air filter is effective at eliminating or reducing strong odors.
  • Carbon Monoxide. A statistically significant decrease of CO values was found with an ionizer activated. This was discovered by researchers at Brompton Hospital in London, and published in European Respiratory Journal.

Additional Information

Brand Heaven Fresh
Product Code 4517
Barcode 1884880006968
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