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Ohrsana NoviPad RSI Wrist Support

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This innovative computer wristband can help prevent repetitive strain injury (RSI)

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Ohrsana Novipad

This innovative computer wristband can help prevent repetitive strain injury (RSI) or other aches and pains caused by constant computer keyboard and mouse work. NoviPad® not only protects you from the new widespread complaint "rsi-syndrome", it also relieves existing pains and allows you to continue with your job. NoviPad® fits everyone's wrist. RSI -Syndrome: When computer keyboard and mouse work causes pain Constant repetitive movements at the computer - no matter if you use the keyboard or the mouse - can be the reason for the widespread complaint of the RSI-Syndrome.

The RSI-Syndrome (Repetitive Strain Injury) also referred to as "carpal tunnel syndrome" is the modern form of the tennis elbow and is caused by continuous movements such as mouse clicks and scrolls which lead to a permanent over-straining of the tendons and muscles in your hands and arms. Even though these movements are easy physical work they can nevertheless lead to lifelong adverse health effects. Suddenly your arm feels as heavy as lead and you experience a 'pins & needles' sensation.

There have been various products over the years, which have promised to alleviate the problem of RSI-Syndrome and its symptoms. Mouse mats, gel pads or keyboard pads are only a few examples. However all of these products are usually left forgotten on the desk or elsewhere because they are too difficult to handle or simply too uncomfortable to use. For This reason we have developed The NoviPad® NoviPad® is a computer wristband with an ergonomically formed supporting element which is always positioned where it is most needed. NoviPad® is an effective ergonomic solution and easy to use. Put it over your hand close to your wrist (the supporting element has to be positioned downwards). Adjust the band to your wrist and start working. Even after several hours of wearing the NoviPad® wristband you still feel comfortable and relaxed.


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  1. Great concept review by Yvonne Brown on 16/04/2013

    Ideally I would like the lumpy bit to be a bit bigger so to get the wrist higher but it can't be the same for everyone. Great product and idea as it is always exactly where you need the support.

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