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This week at Salveo (13th May 2016)

Ahoy! We’re buzzing to know the answer and who doesn’t love a bit of Euro Pop?

New Products on sale

Exciting times! This week, we have added some new items to our forever improving catalogue; the recent wet weather has inspired us to go ahead and dive into the heaving sea and emerge with some great nautical products. Let me ask you some questions, do you live in a home and use light? Do you like to be comfortable, and just who doesn’t love a good sit down? If you answered no, no and no one then... oh, you didn’t? Have a look at these then. Take a seat on our Caspan Stool, fluff and spruce your Marine Cushion, turn on that Rope Lamp and tell me what we already know. Tell me that these nautical themed stunners are the fish’s scales, or the bee’s knees; something like that.

Warning, this paragraph is PG16 and will contain somewhat immature humour, from the outset and throughout. Now that we’ve eased into it, let’s talk about our brand new YES lubricant products! They arrived a short while ago and are already proving to be big sellers and immensely popular and we can see why; there’s a YES product for pretty much everything. Allergic to some oils? Don’t worry, YES have your back with their water based lubricant. Trying for a baby? Check out their Natural Fertility Lubricant Twin Pack, you name it; they’ve thought of it. Not that, though. Get your mind out of the gutter! They sell and we stock anything from Natural to flavoured, plenty to whet the pallet and have a gander at. I’ve only spoken about a few but go and have a look at our collection, it’s big.

We are actually hosting a giveaway on our Twitter account for one, as well, so head on over there to enter! It’s completely free and definitely worth a go, I’ll post the link at the end.

What’s Going On?

In massive, worldwide, internet breaking news, Salveo placed third in our Business Park Quiz Night! After a few early howlers, we found ourselves in a lovely creek without a single paddle in sight. The night looked all but doomed when one of our team answered that the famous quote: “You jump, I jump. Remember?” was indeed from the movie White Men Can’t Jump and got our buzzer taken away from us. I mean, I see a strand of logic in what was evidently an educated guess; but with everyone in the room whispering Titanic under their breath, you’d have thought he would have caught on! It’s fair to say, we were sinking fast (you’re welcome).

With our lives gone for the round and our buzzer confiscated, we looked to the famous movie The Lion King for inspiration and we found it. The quote we all remember, definitely from The Lion King: “They can take our lives but they can never take our freedom!”. With this spirit coursing through our veins, we took the quiz by the scruff of its neck and bounced back; through team spirit, shear genius and some killer dance moves (from myself) we snuck into third place by two points. That’s right we were in Europe and the fans were going wild, you could hear the utter jubilation from the crowd as we went to collect our well-deserved trophy. We dared to dream and I’d like to think that, in years to come, people will speak of how Salveo battled against all odds to lift the trophy; an underdog story with a happy ending.

Talking about famous competitions that the whole world will talk of, Eurovision is coming! That’s right, all your favourites are in it. I can’t go anywhere nowadays without someone mentioning Donny Montell, Lithuania’s answer to the question “What happens if you combine Union J and One Direction into one person?”; but all joking aside, go and check him out, he’s pretty damn good and might be worth putting a penny or two on!

His video for his hit song has it all, as well, which is comforting to know. Everything you could possibly ask for in a music video, name it and it’s there:

  • High-rise views over a foreign city
  • Man walking down a street looking at a girl he likes
  • General tension between the two
  • A sudden party with neon lights and random objects
  • The two ditching the party to have a night together
  • A park
  • Party time again
  • Views of a body of water
  • A tattoo revealing the song’s title

He’s got nothing on our boys though, Joe and Jake definitely have The Voice for it!