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This week at Salveo (23th May 2016)

Garden Games and all new Essences! Plus, Hollywood, just stop it!

New Products on sale

We are preparing for summer and have attained an outrageously fun range of garden games. So fun, I hear that they would even make the Mona Lisa smile. They’re all in from Professor Puzzle and they’re definitely something to write home about, or an article… we have anything from Disc Golf to Giant Chess, so why not check them all? Have a look at the collection and decide what you fancy doing this summer.

Woah, wait, what was that? You’re wondering what I’d go for; how nice of you to ask, I wouldn’t say no to a game of Blackjack (with our humungous set of A5 playing cars, that is)! Winner gets to have a look at our new essences.

Fine, I’ll show you all, settle down. That’s right, they’re officially in and making our warehouse smell pretty already! We have the lot:

Fresh Linen – A refreshing fragrance, with hints of Rosemary and Thyme.

Mango – A sweet mango fragrance with a relaxing tropical vibe.

Spa Day – A fragrance that is sure to put you in the right mood for a calm and relaxing day.

Spring Meadow – Feel the breeze and experience a Summer’s Spring Meadow Smell.

Winter Spice – With hints of classic winter fragrances, this essence is sure to give you that warm, cosy feeling.

So pop on the PureAire and have a scrumptious whiff of one of the new essences, they’re all available at our website, including all of your old favourites, as well.

What’s Going On?

Well, it’s national Learning at Work Week and I have learnt that news really doesn’t write itself! Yes, while it has been a somewhat full throttle week, for all mainstream media and news outlets, I’ve found myself running around like a headless chicken trying to find a morsel of light-hearted, easy going news; I think I’ve managed it though!


A new Ghotsbusters trailer was dropped and given to us! I am somewhat hesitant to watch it, after the utter debacle that was the first one. My thoughts are pretty concise and clear:

Dear Hollywood,

Please, oh please, leave movies that have been done alone. There’s absolutely no question that it is all solely money driven and that no movie is commissioned if the higher ups don’t think that it’s going to earn them a lovely payday (Take Deadpool as an example, it wasn’t commissioned until a leaked script lead to a worldwide fan outcry – twisting Fox’s arm) but come on! The history of film is a gorgeous and, in parts, strange place; but that’s the way it’s supposed to be. I don’t want to finish watching a series of films for you all to think “Oh what made a bit of money a while ago? Whatever it was, let’s do it again and let’s make a minor change to justify it!” around 20 years down the line! Leave the past untainted by your greed and have some originality. Use your imagination, it’s a gorgeous, fruitful and powerful tool!


Written by Stuart L.