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  • Derma Shield Skin Protection Cream - 50ml

Skin Protection Barrier Cream (Mousse) 50ml

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Product Code: 4533

Quick Overview

Derma Shield supersedes traditional barrier creams and takes care of your skin hygiene concerns. Utilising a remarkable breathable shield it moisturises, nurtures and protects skin for up to 5 hours, despite repeated washing.

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Derma Shield Skin Protection Barrier Cream - A Cost Efficient Skin Protection Solution For You and Your Workforce

DermaShield supersedes traditional barrier creams and takes care of your skin hygiene concerns. Derma Shield utilises a remarkable breathable shield which moisturises, nurtures and protects skin for up to 5 hours, despite repeated washing.

Derma Shield has helped many sufferers of skin complaints and can benefit men, women and children. It is light and easy to use, contains no fragrances and is completely non-toxic. Manufactured to extremely high standards using pharmaceutical grade ingredients, Derma Shield is a must for protecting, nurturing and moisturising your skin.


Chlorine swimming pool rash can spoil your enjoyment if you are one of the millions of people in the UK who love swimming. People of all ages, from very young infants to individuals well into their 90s enjoy their swimming pool sessions and not only is there a vast age range who love swimming there are also many different reasons why people swim. Unfortunately there can be a down side to the pleasure of the water and that is the dry skin or rash that can sometimes occur when the chlorine or other swimming pool chemicals irritate your skin.

Public swimming pools have to be kept free of the countless number of “bugs” that could thrive in the warm water. Often chlorine is one of the chemicals used to protect the swimmers, however it also removes the natural oils, or lipid layer as it is known, that keep healthy skin feeling moist and supple. Once the lipid layer is removed your skin will very quickly become dry and this is frequently accompanied by quite an intense itching from the chlorine.

If not treated, the chlorine irritation or rash can then develop so that your skin will become brittle. Brittle skin will not stretch as nature intended, instead it will start to split and crack in a very painful and embarrassing manner. If your skin becomes dry and then splits and cracks not only will swimming exacerbate the skin problem it will also open up your skin to other infections.

As one Derma Shield user said:

“I just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing product. My 3 year old son loves swimming but he is sensitive to the chlorine and always develops a rash, even after short periods of exposure. We had tried many different creams, lotions and barrier products but with little joy until our can of Derma Shield arrived. We applied it to him feeling very sceptical that it would work and then jumped into our local pool. We spent a happy hour splashing around and then a nervous 24 hours waiting for any signs of a rash but it never developed. Derma Shield is brilliant.

We can now swim as often as we like and he is rash free and my dry hands which often crack they are so dry have improved dramatically too. I am now recommending Derma Shield to all my friends and family! Thank you.” EE. London

How Derma Shield stops chlorine swimming pool rash.

  • Your skin will be protected from chlorine and other swimming pool chemicals. - Derma Shield is formulated so that will bond to your skin (yet your skin still breathes and perspires as normal) and then repel a whole range of skin irritants.
  • Derma Shield will stop the intense itching that sometimes accompanies chlorine allergies. - One of the many top grade ingredients contained in Derma Shield is Aloe Vera. This natural plant extract has many properties, one of which is to relieve itching.
  • Your skin won’t look and feel so dry and will quickly regain its suppleness. - The formulation of Derma Shield contains several top quality emollients that quickly sink into your skin, however unlike normal moisturising creams Derma Shield’s emollients are locked into your skin.
  • Your skin will look and feel healthy which will make you feel better about yourself. - Your skin will be protected, moisturised and nurtured by Derma Shield. This together with a normal healthy life style will soon have your skin looking and feeling good.
  • Derma Shield can be used by swimmers of any age and can be used on any area of skin. - Derma Shield is formulated using only the best ingredients available and is kept free of all fragrances to ensure its compatibility with nearly all skin types.


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Product Details

Benefits Derma Shield Barrier Cream
Non greasy and very easy to apply Yes No
More cost effective than barrier creams Yes No
Clinically and Laboratory tested Yes No
Controls dermatitis Yes No
Safe and comfortable for all skin areas Yes No
One application lasts for up to 5 hours Yes No
Stays on despite repeated washing Yes No
Moisturises & nurtures skin Yes No
Emergency protection against acids and alkalis Yes No
Reduces use of heavy grade soaps Yes No
Stays on despite repeated washing. Yes No
Tried and tested within RAF and NHS Yes No


Hand barrier cream of the traditional variety have been superseded by modern day skin care products.

Derma Shield is a revolutionary new product.  It employs a new approach to skin protection.  Once applied, it provides a clinically tested microscopic shield that is wash resistant.  Unlike traditional barrier creams that need to be reapplied every time you wash your hands, Derma Shield continues to provide protection for up to 5 hours - despite repeated washes.

Derma Shield's modern, laboratory tested formulation is applied as a mousse and, unlike traditional barrier creams, it dries to leave the skin able to breathe and perspire normally without any greasy residues.  Because it does not leave a residue on your skin, it is safe to be used on any area of your body without the fear of chaffing - it can even be used to reduce irritation often associated with wearing "rubber" gloves and other protective clothing. 

Further, because Derma Shield is grease free, it is safe to use it on your hands as you work around the home - even if you are handling food or working in a sterile environment.

Formulated with natural Aloe Vera, vitamin E and anti-irritation ingredients, Derma Shield eases existing skin dryness as it moisturises, nurtures and treats the underlying causes of many skin conditions.  It has been shown to not only treat dry, sore, chapped hands but also to be highly effective in treating contact dermatitis.  Traditional barrier creams just do not have a comparable profile.

Any new advanced product that uses pharmaceutical grade skin protectants and moisturisers might reasonably be supposed to be more expensive than ordinary barrier creams.  However, because Derma Shield is wash resistant, a 500ml can will last more than a year with just an average of two applications a day needed.  This will prove to be a more cost effective solution than buying numerous tubes of traditional barrier cream.

In addition, because Derma Shield moisturises, nurtures and protects it is less costly than buying multiple, single purpose products to give similar all round skin care.

As we said at the onset: We firmly believe Derma Shield supersedes traditional barrier creams for hands.  This is certainly a bold statement to make but we are confident that once your try it for yourself you will surely agree with us.  Take advantage of our unique 90 day money back guarantee and you will never want to return to using any existing, outdated barrier cream.

To heal dry cracked fingers you need to both moisturise the skin and also protect yourself as far as possible from contact with the offending irritants.


Ingredients of Derma Shield are chosen with great care. The majority of first time users of Derma Shield have some kind of skincare concern, so wherever possible pharmaceutical grade ingredients are used and those that are unlikely to cause skin irritation.

Derma Shield does not contain any steroids.

An often overlooked fact is that sensitive skin will often flare up when fragranced products are applied to the skin. Because of this, no fragrances are used in Derma Shield.

In addition, ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Vitamin E are used to help restore dry and damaged skin.

Ingredients of Derma Shield shown in decreasing order:

Aqua, Butane, Palmitic acid, Dimethecone, Palm Kernal acid, Isobutane, Isopropyl Myristate, Propane, Glycerin, PVP/VA Copolymer, Cetyl Alcohol, Triethanolamine, Cetearyl Alcohol, Ceteareth-20, Hydroxyethelcellulose, Aloe Barbadensis, Tocopheryl Acetate, Lanolin, Tetrasodium EDTA, Propylene Glycol, Diazolidinyl Urea, Methyl Parabens, Propyl Parabens, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid.

Additional Information

Brand Derma Shield
Product Code 4533
Barcode 5031124000015
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