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  • Grangers XT Proofer Spray 275ml

Grangers XT Proofer Spray 275ml

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Product Code: 13189

Quick Overview

Spray on re-proofing products can restore garments to their original condition. Using the same technology as major garment manufacturers.

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Grangers XT Proofer Spray - Original Performance Restored

  • Air dry performance- restores proofing without tumble drying
  • Ideal for soft shell garments
  • Recommended for Gore-Tex®,eVent® and all waterproof clothing

XT is ideal for any clothing with wicking linings such as soft shells, insulated garments and sleeping bags. When used with Granger's Universal Spray Cleaner it is ideal for cleaning and proofing garments without the need for a washing machine or tumble dryer.“Granger’s XT proofer has given the best results, for water and oil repellency"

When you have a new jacket it's amazing how the water just runs off the outside. This happens because of a durable water repellent treatment (DWR) that's applied at manufacture to all jackets. But dirt, oil and normal household detergents will, over time, mask the DWR, causing the outside of the jacket to absorb water (wetting out). 'Wetting out' reduces breathability, comfort and performance and can make the jacket feel cold and wet to the touch. Grangers' cleaners and proofers remove dirt, oils and stains and restores the product to its original performance, or as we like to say 'Original performance restored'.


Granger’s Proofing range use a bluesign® approved, non-bioaccumulative C6 flurocarbon.

Bluesign Approved

Independent Testing

We believe that independent accreditation is the only true way to demonstrate the performance of our products. For independent testing we use SATRA, a leading authority on testing for footwear, leather goods and apparel. The results from the testing indicate that Granger’s products provide a far better level of water, oil and stain repellency than our leading competitors.


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Product Details


Over time, your garments will lose the factory applied durable water repellent (DWR) treatment, through mechanical, use of strong detergents and general wear and tear. Granger’s range of re-proofing products can restore garments to their original condition. Unlike other products, Granger’s re-proofing range uses the same technology as major garment manufacturers to restore comfort, breathability and performance.

How A DWR Works

A DWR is a Durable Water Repellent treatment that is applied to all clothing and equipment when they are manufactured. Durable water repellents are commonly used in conjunction with waterproof breathable fabrics such as Gore-Tex® to prevent the outer layer of fabric from becoming saturated with water. This saturation, called ‘wetting out,’ reduces the garment’s breathability (moisture transport through the breathable membrane) and the end users comfort. Flurocarbons, Silicone and Wax products can also be used to provide a DWR and offer different levels of performance. All major garment companies use a Fluorocarbon treatment for their DWR as this chemistry offers the best performance, both in terms of water, oil & stain repellency and durability. Silicone and Wax products can also be used to provide a DWR.


Fluorocarbons are used in the manufacture of a very wide range of products because they are some of the most chemically inert of all polymers, remaining stable in almost all chemical environments. Fluorocarbons are used in a very wide range of applications including:

  • Non stick pans (these use PTFE better known as Teflon®)
  • Artificial blood vessels
  • Aesthetic gas
  • Coating for medical implants
  • Food packaging coating

Within the outdoor industry probably the best know fluorocarbon is Gore-tex®, an expanded PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) membrane.

Granger's Flurocarbon Use

Traditionally most companies have used a C8 flurocarbon. Granger’s use a C6 flurocarbon – this is a shorter chain molecule which is not bio-accumulative and bluesign approved®. By using a shorter chain molecule all the Granger’s products are guaranteed to be PFOA and PFOS free.

Granger's Flurocarbon Structure

The fluorocarbon molecule that Granger’s use to generate a DWR is shown in the image to the left. The molecule has a hydrophillic end which binds to the face fabric of the garment and a hydrophobic end which repels water, oil and stains.

Application Of Heat - Reviving An Existing DWR

Over time consumers will notice that their DWR starts to fail. In part this is due to dirt masking the DWR. However wear and tear will also affect the orientation of the DWR molecules. The molecule will form weak interactions between themselves which will reduce their effectiveness at providing a DWR. By applying heat, for example, in a tumble dryer these weak interactions are broken and the DWR molecules re-aligned to the correct orientation, allowing the DWR to work effectively once more.



  1. Ensure that the garment is clean, if the garment needs cleaning use Granger's Performance Cleaner. Before applying XT, ensure that all zips and velcro straps are closed.
  2. XT is a water baseed product Therefore please ensure that it is applied to a damp garment. Shake the bottle and spray evenly onto the garment from a distance of 10 to 15cm.
  3. Dab any excess moisture with a clean cloth.
  4. XT proofer will give excellent results without tumble drying or ironing. If care label allows tumble dry on a medium setting to improve durability.

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Brand Grangers
Product Code 13189
Barcode 5016652360060
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