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  • Lunette Menstrual Cup Sanitary Tampon Alternative Lucia Yellow Size 1

Lunette Menstrual Cup Sanitary Tampon Alternative Lucia Yellow Size 1

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Quick Overview

An easy-to-use, safe and sanitary alternative to disposable sanitary napkins and tampons

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What is the Lunette menstrual cup?

Lunette menstrual cup has many unique design featuresThe Lunette menstrual cup is a reusable menstrual protection product made in Finland. It is an easy-to-use, safe, and hygienic alternative to pads and tampons. By using the cup, you will help protect the environment, save money, and get peace of mind.

Just fold, insert like a tampon and it collects blood rather than absorbs it. You empty it rather than change it — a little bit different.

The Lunette menstrual cup is:

  • Made of medical-grade silicone in Finland
  • Does not contain rubber latex, is odourless and safe
  • Affordable and environmentally friendly – with proper care it will last for years
  • A sanitary and healthy alternative to disposable tampons and pads
  • Easy-to-use, practical, and comfortable. It needs to be emptied only two to four times a day and can be used overnight
  • Safe since it is not conducive to dampness, outbreaks of vaginal candidiasis, cystitis or toxic shock syndrome. In fact, TSS has not been linked to the use of menstrual cups
  • Suitable to be worn during sports and other physical activities
  • Easy to clean and disinfect between periods by boiling briefly in water or washing with rubbing alcohol
  • Designed for women of all ages and sizes
  • Designed for women who have not yet engaged in sexual intercourse as well as those who use an IUD or contraceptive ring. However, if you are planning on using Lunette together with an IUD, we recommend discussing it with your doctor
  • Enables you to monitor your flow by providing measuring lines on the inside of the cup (5 ml and 13.5 ml in size 1, 7.5 ml and 15 ml in size 2). The lining of the cup is totally smooth and the tab is flat, making cleaning very easy
  • Not to be used during post-natal bleeding due to the risk of inflammation
  • Not disruptive to the natural lubricating ability of the vagina, nor does it dry out the vaginal mucus membrane


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Product Details

Why use Lunette?

  • Lunette liberates you from uncomfortable, bulky pads and different sized tampons
  • A healthy, easy-to-use alternative
  • Lunette can handle whatever Mother Nature’s got in store for you, from light, medium to heavy flow
  • Lunette is user friendly and travels with you, or in you — so you’ll never ‘run out’ of protection, (or have your protection ‘run out’ on you!).


The Lunette menstrual cup is as easy-to-use as a non-applicator tampon: simply fold and insert.

Lunette is small but mighty: it can hold much more liquid than a tampon, it only needs to be emptied 2 to 4 times per day during normal flow, so you can take care of business on your schedule.

Hygienic & Safe

Tampons aren’t your friend: fibers can be caught in the vaginal canal, ‘over-absorb’ precious vaginal fluids, and dry out the mucous membrane.

Pads aren’t much better: they create a stifling, moist environment — ground zero for yeast infections, bacteria and odour.

Lunette is your periods’ super heroine (and here to protect you): it doesn’t disrupt the vaginas lubricating ability, or interfere with the natural process of shedding menstrual blood, dead cells, and bacteria. The upside? There have been no reported cases of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) in connection with the use of menstrual cups.

The Votes are in…

Everyone loves Lunette — this genius device has received approval from international government health agencies including the FDA in the USA, and the TGA in Australia.

In her homeland of Finland, Lunette is a crown jewel, and recipient of the prestigious Key Flag Emblem which certifies only the highest quality products.

Stop the Cash Leak

The average woman spends between $48–$84 per year on disposable tampons and pads.

The Lunette is a one-time cost that will last for years, and put the money you save right back into your purse.


Lunette is eco-logical — with tender, loving care, it will last for years.

Saving the planet while saving money is now something to celebrate every month (and is sure to make you less irritable!).

Lose the monthly protection purchase, plastic applicators, wrappers, and bio-waste from used tampons and pads and free up your ‘footprint.’

Lunette was built with an eco-minded soul: from the recycled box and enclosed informational material, to the environmentally friendly factory that makes it in Finland — Lunette is an eco-heroine!

Lifestyle Friendly

Give up nothing with Lunette — it can be worn during sports and other physical activities, just like a tampon, but with no strings attached!

Sleep nude (and no one will be the wiser), no peek-a-boo strings at the beach (unless it's your string bikini), and so discreet that your partner won't notice a thing during oral sex.

Yay you!

Designed with You in Mind

The lining of the Lunette menstrual cup is smooth which makes cleaning a snap.

Because the tab of the Lunette menstrual cup is flat, it doesn’t collect bacteria. You can disinfect the cup by boiling it briefly in water, using the Lunette disinfecting wipes, or rubbing alcohol.


In search of the perfect fit: considerations

The amount of flow

This is the most important factor when choosing the right cup: the bigger cup is best for a heavier flow, and the smaller cup for a lighter flow.


Since every woman's anatomy is different, we sometimes recommend the smaller cup for heavier flow and vice versa. This can depend on:


We designed the smaller Lunette Cup Model 1 as a ‘starter cup’ for younger women with tighter vaginal muscles to make insertion easier. As we age, muscles lose elasticity; we give birth, and experience hormonal changes, which can affect menstrual flow. Look to your body, your lifestyle, your physical fitness level and your age for your answers to help you gauge size and fit size in proportion to your flow. Many women transfer to the Lunette Cup Model 2 — the most popular choice for most adult women.


We recommend the smaller Lunette Cup Model 1 for young women who have not experienced sexual intercourse yet, but still have a heavy flow. Why? Because your muscles and hymen are tighter, it’s easier to insert the smaller cup.


Pregnancy and hormones change the vaginal muscles, the shape of the vagina, and hipbone structure. For all our Moms out there, we recommend the Lunette Cup Model 2, to flex with you and your bodies life changes.

Location Of Your Cervix

Wash your hands well, and see if you can reach your cervix during menstruation. It’s easy to find, and usually located on the left side of the vaginal wall (when you touch it, feels like the end of your nose). If your cervix sits low, it is better to choose Lunette Cup Model 1, as it’s is shorter and will fit more comfortably inside your vagina. A low cervix can be touched very easily.

Sports Goddess

Sports that strengthen the core muscles like Yoga and Pilates also have a strengthening effect creating very strong vaginal muscles that can last a lifetime. If you’re a physical fitness goddess, consider using Lunette Cup Model 1.

Sensitive Bladder

If you have an extremely sensitive bladder, the softer Lunette Cup Model 1 might be a match made in heaven. Remember that most women can’t feel the cup at all, whichever size they choose, but we want to make sure you’re comfy during the day.

Lunette Cup Sizing Chart

Lunette Sizing Chart

Lunette Model 1 & 2

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