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  • Pelvic Toner - Progressive Resistance Vaginal Exerciser
  • Pelvic Toner - Progressive Resistance Vaginal Exerciser
  • Pelvic Toner - Progressive Resistance Vaginal Exerciser
  • Pelvic Toner - Progressive Resistance Vaginal Exerciser
  • Pelvic Toner - Progressive Resistance Vaginal Exerciser

Pelvic Toner - Progressive Resistance Vaginal Exerciser

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Quick Overview

The best way to make sure that you do your pelvic floor (Kegel) exercises correctly and effectively

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The Pelvic Toner is the best way to make sure that you do your pelvic floor (Kegel) exercises correctly and effectively.

There are four good reasons why choosing the PelvicToner makes sense:

Clinically proven - as effective as the NHS Gold Standard treatment. Medical trials have shown that the PelvicToner is a "Gold Standard" treatment for a weak pelvic floor.

Available on GP prescription - the ONLY clinically proven pelvic floor exercise device available throughout the UK NHS. The NHS adopted the PelvicToner in January 2011, confirming its clinical effectiveness.

Quick and simple - easy to use and so effective that you will see results within days. Just 5 minutes use a day shows results in a few days - squeezing against a resistance gets great results in the shortest possible time

Pelvic floor weakness - a very real problem for very many women

Childbirth can be a very traumatic process and it quite usual for the pelvic floor muscles to be stretched, torn or cut during delivery. Menopause can just make an underlying problem much, much worse.

Effective exercise offers a simple and rapid solution

Your pelvic floor muscles play a critical role supporting all your internal organs and your urethra, bladder, uterus and rectum. Regular effective pelvic floor exercises will help to strengthen the these essential muscles and increased muscle tone and vitality can bring many extra benefits.

Improve your bladder control

The unexpected leaking of urine when you exercise, laugh, cough or sneeze is a direct result of weak or stretched muscles. Exercise helps by strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that wrap around the urethra and anus to give you better control and greater personal confidence.

Enhance your sexual pleasure & intimacy

"Sexercises" offer a quick and effective treatment for a weak or stretched pelvic floor that can quickly improve your 'intimate contact' and work wonders for your sex life.

Help in pregnancy and childbirth

During pregnancy your pelvic floor muscles play a crucial role supporting your baby and your internal organs. Weakness in the pelvic floor can mean that the weight of your organs and your child can cause a prolapse where your bladder or rectum push into the vaginal cavity. Weak pelvic floor muscles can also mean that your muscle action during labour is inadequate and prolong the delivery of your child. Preparing for pregnancy with an advance programme of PelvicToner exercises will benefit the mother throughout the pregnancy, birth and post partum.

Note: The manufacturers of the PelvicToner do not recommend the use of the PelvicToner during pregnancy. This is purely for pragmatic reasons and follows guidance given by many specialists in the field.

Ease vaginal prolapse

Vaginal prolapse is very common following pregnancy and childbirth. Pelvic floor exercises are the recommended treatment for mild and moderate prolapse and but effective exercises help also help prevent prolapse and improve all the muscles supporting the organs at risk.


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Product Details

Beneficial in many other ways

Whilst stress incontinence and prolapse are the most common problems associated with pelvic floor weakness, there are many other health conditions that can benefit from effective pelvic floor exercises.

Amongst the many letters and emails we receive we have had many comments about the help that the PelvicToner has given for a wide range of conditions including Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) and endometriosis.

Do you suffer from low libido or unfulfilling sex?

If you suffer poor libido it may be because having sex is just no longer as enjoyable as it used to be. And the reason could be very simple - a lack of intimate contact when you make love.

When you, and your partner, feel much more sensation then your sex life is MUCH more enjoyable.

What's the science

It's nearly 60 years since Arnold Kegel first identified the link between pelvic floor muscle tone and the ability to achieve vaginal (coital) orgasm during intercourse.

His contraption allowed him to actually measure the strength of the pelvic floor muscle, and he found that women with slack pelvic floor muscles and poor muscle tone often regarded themselves as sexually dysfunctional because they could not achieve orgasm.

Kegel devised exercises that enabled these women to develop their pelvic floor muscle tone - and in no time at all their sex lives were revolutionised! The most important aspect of Kegel's research was that there has to be a resistance to squeeze against.

Three reasons why your pelvic floor affects your sex life

1. The pelvic floor is one of the most under-exercised muscle in the body. Lack of effective exercise, childbirth and menopause mean that there is often a lack of sufficient contact between the vaginal wall and the penis. So your G-spot doesn't get the stimulation it needs!

2. Exercising the pelvic floor develops a much greater awareness of the pelvic floor, the vaginal walls and the G spot and builds the neural pathways between the brain and the vagina that lead to more frequent orgasms of greater intensity.

3. Improving the pelvic floor muscle tone means you become more aware of your muscles and can contract your vagina at will to squeeze your partner during intercourse - this benefits both of you.


How it works

The PelvicToner enables women to strengthen their pelvic floor, simply and quickly in the comfort of their own home.

An established treatment ...

Arnold Kegel first described pelvic floor exercises as a treatment option in 1948 and it has been an established treatment ever since, bringing a number of clear health benefits.

Doctors still agree that undertaking regular Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles is of great benefit to women with stress incontinence - it is the primary course of treatment in suitable cases, achieving an 80% cure rate.

... effectively implemented

The PelvicToner is specifically designed to incorporate the key principles identified by Kegel - positive feed back, resistance for effective exercise and progressive resistance to make your exercise more effective as you improve.

It is very simple to use and gets results very quickly, especially when compared to other treatments (or "non-treatments") on offer.

And widely recommended

Even before the PelvicToner was made available on GP prescription many doctors, physiotherapists and midwives recommended that PelvicToner exercises were essential to get your body back into shape after childbirth and in preparation for menopause - when your muscles naturally slacken and symptoms of stress incontinence become even more apparent.

See how it works

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